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Murshidabad (West Bengal)
December 25, 2009
History of Murshidabad
Murshidabad, a town and district of British India, in the Presidency division of Bengal. It was capital of Mughal period.Now The administrative headquarters of the district are at Berhampur. The town of Murshidabad is on the left bank of the Bhagirathi or old sacred channel of the Ganges. Pop. (1901), 15,168. The city of Murshidabad was the latest capital of Bengal before British era. In 1704 the nawab Murshid Quli Khan changed the seat of government from Dhaka to Maksudabad, which he called after his own name. The family of Jagat Seth maintained their position as state bankers at Murshidabad from generation to generation.... read more


Hazarduari Enters

Tower Gharighar


Katgola Enters

Katgola Garden

Katra Mosqut Garden

Katra Mosqut Inne

Katra Mosqut Inne fond Site


Nashipur Rajbati

Pareshnath Temple

Pareshnath Temple back site


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